Thursday, June 4, 2009

fuck yeah fest 2007 - day 1

fuck yeah fest at echo park, los angeles 2007.08.25

bus driver

bus driver at the echo_0261

bus driver_0312

bus driver at the echo_0259

bus driver at the echo_0244

bus driver at the echo_0242

bus driver at the echo_0241

boom bip

boom bip_0153

boom bip_0160

boom bip_0164

boom bip at the echo_0168

boom bip_0171

bobby birdman

bobby birdman at the echo_0093

bobby birdman at the echo_0100

bobby birdman at the echo_0107

devon williams

devon williams at jensen reccenter_0001

devon williams at jensen reccenter_0006


entrance at jensen reccenter_0594

entrance at jensen reccenter_0118



explosion at echoplex_0735







explosion at echoplex_0229


explosion at echoplex_0217

explosion at echoplex_0218

explosion at echoplex_0220


explosion at echoplex_0223

explosion at echoplex_0224

explosion at echoplex_0225


fleshies at echoplex_0574

fleshies at echoplex_0114


fleshies at echoplex_0112


fuse! at echoplex_0143

imaad wasif

imaad wasif at jensen reccenter_0666

imaad wasif at jensen reccenter_0141

lavender diamond

lavender diamond at jensen reccenter_0205

lavender diamond at jensen reccenter_0201

lavender diamond at jensen reccenter_0172

lavender diamond_0184

lavender diamond at jensen reccenter_0189

lavender diamond_0681

love or perish

love or perish at echoplex_0061

love or perish_0062

love or perish_0063

love or perish_0066

love or perish at echoplex_0068

love or perish_0447

love or perish_0059

residual echoes

residual echoes_0020

residual echoes at jensen reccenter_0021

residual echoes at jensen reccenter_0364

residual echoes_0368

residual echoes_0019

residual echoes_

sabertooth tiger nation blues

sabertooth tiger nation blue at echoplex_0025

sabertooth tiger nation blue at echoplex_0028

sabertooth tiger nation blue_0030

thee more shallow

thee more shallows at jensen reccenter_0038

thee more shallows at jensen reccenter_0039

thee more shallowst_0435

thee more shallows_0042

thee more shallows_0036

times new viking

times new viking at the echo_0079

toys that kill

toys that kill at echoplex_0509

toys that kill_0505

upsilon acrux

upsilon acrux at the echo_0416

wooden shjips

wooden ships at jensen reccenter_0081

wooden ships_0084

wooden ships at jensen reccenter_0478


crowd flashing_0329

books at echoplex_0546

826 booth at echoplex_0540

crowd during lavender diamond at jensen reccenter_0182

crowd during fuse! at echoplex_0149

crowd during bobby birdman at the echo_0105

bobby birdman_0104

crowd during toys that kill at echoplex_0092

imaad wasif_0662


merch at echoplex_0553

next to the echo_0570

soundboard at jensen reccenter_0606

the echo at the echo_0566

the echo at the echo_0565

toys that kill_0557

handbag at local 1710_0136

impeach on sunset_0355

jensen reccenter entrance_0445

crowd during toys that kill at echoplex_0091

cheap drink_0349


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