Thursday, June 4, 2009

lavender diamond

lavender diamond at the music box, los angeles 2007.09.19

lavender diamond_0095

lavender diamond_0028

lavender diamond_0031

lavender diamond_0037

lavender diamond_0038

lavender diamond_0044

lavender diamond_0047

lavender diamond_0052

lavender diamond_0053

lavender diamond_0055

lavender diamond_0057

lavender diamond_0060

lavender diamond_0062

lavender diamond_0063

lavender diamond_0064

lavender diamond_0068

lavender diamond_0074

lavender diamond_0078

lavender diamond_0091

lavender diamond_0068

lavender diamond_0094

lavender diamond_0098

lavender diamond_0104

lavender diamond_0106

lavender diamond_0109

lavender diamond_0111

lavender diamond_0114

lavender diamond_0115

lavender diamond_0116

lavender diamond_0117

lavender diamond_0118

lavender diamond_0123

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