Thursday, June 4, 2009

kárin tatoyan

kárin tatoyan at the echo, los angeles 2008.04.10

karin tatoyan_0066

karin tatoyan_0003

karin tatoyan_0004

karin tatoyan_0006

karin tatoyan_0007

karin tatoyan_0012

karin tatoyan_0014

karin tatoyan_0015

karin tatoyan_0016

karin tatoyan_0021

karin tatoyan_0023

karin tatoyan_0028

karin tatoyan_0031

karin tatoyan_0032

karin tatoyan_0034

karin tatoyan_0045

karin tatoyan_0056

karin tatoyan_0059

karin tatoyan_0067

karin tatoyan_0069

karin tatoyan_0070

karin tatoyan_0088

karin tatoyan_0096

karin tatoyan_0104

karin tatoyan at spaceland, los angeles 2008.05.14

karin tatoyan_0007

karin tatoyan_0010

karin tatoyan_0011

karin tatoyan_0014

karin tatoyan_0018

karin tatoyan_0027

karin tatoyan_0029

karin tatoyan_0036

karin tatoyan_0042

karin tatoyan_0048

karin tatoyan_0062

karin tatoyan_0063

karin tatoyan_0069

karin tatoyan_0078

karin tatoyan_0085

karin tatoyan_0100

karin tatoyan_0105

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