Thursday, June 4, 2009

songs of the city/ concrete frequency

songs of the city/ concrete frequency at disney hall, los angeles 2008.01.08

with march bianchi of her space holiday, biirdie, franklin bruno, zooey deschanel and m ward of she and him, annie stela, zach rogue from rogue wave, john doe, money mark, marc bianci, stevie jackson of belle and sebastian, sondre lerche, inara george of the bird and the bee, daniel rossen of grizzly bear, bob mould, kyp malone of tv on the radio

concrete frequency_0001

concrete frequency_0002

concrete frequency_0004

concrete frequency_0009

concrete frequency_0015

concrete frequency_0016

concrete frequency_0018

concrete frequency_0022

concrete frequency_0026

concrete frequency_0029

concrete frequency_0031

concrete frequency_0032

concrete frequency_0038

concrete frequency_0039

concrete frequency_0045

concrete frequency_0047

concrete frequency_0049

concrete frequency_0054

concrete frequency_0063

concrete frequency_0065

concrete frequency_0067

concrete frequency_0078

concrete frequency_0080

concrete frequency_0071

concrete frequency_0081

concrete frequency_0082

concrete frequency_0084

concrete frequency_0085

concrete frequency_0086

concrete frequency_0088

concrete frequency_0089

concrete frequency_0092

concrete frequency_0093

concrete frequency_0094

concrete frequency_0096

concrete frequency_0097

concrete frequency_0099

concrete frequency_0100

concrete frequency_0101

concrete frequency_0102

concrete frequency_0104

concrete frequency_0107

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